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Re: SSH and WinCVS

From: Jack Baty
Subject: Re: SSH and WinCVS
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 23:39:19 -0500
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James Knowles wrote:
> > Yes, I generated a new keypair. It's odd, because I can connect via command
> > line ssh from the Win2k box with no password prompt, which I assume means
> > that the key is working.
> Odd... obviously the keys are working.
> What are you using for the Windows ssh client?
> Did you ensure you're using a recent sshd per Stephan Feder's suggestion?
> Which version of WinCVS are you working? 

I must have missed a line or two in the documentation. Is it the case that 2
different users cannot "share" a sandbox? I found that if I checkout a fresh
copy of a module to a different location, everything works fine. If I try
working with (diff-ing or committing) changes to a local copy checked out by
another user, things don't work.

That's either a strange coincidence or I've just learned something.

Jack Baty
Fusionary Media -

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