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cvs branching problem

From: Sasha Case
Subject: cvs branching problem
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 17:08:33 +1000


We've just run up against a problem with a cvs branch. It appears as though when creating the branch, the files go half AWOL.

We created the branch on all of the selected files in a directory:
cvs tag -b BRANCHNAME file1.doc test.cpp ...

We update the working copy of the directory:
cvs update -r BRANCHNAME

At this point if we attempt to do any operations on the branched files, it is as though they are not in repository. eg.
after modifying test.cpp:

cvs commit test.cpp
cvs [commit aborted]: reading from server: Invalid argument

cvs update test.cpp
cvs server: conflict: test.cpp is modified but no longer in the repository
C test.cpp

However, if I checkout a new copy:
cvs checkout -P -r BRANCHNAME -d testdir-BRANCH module/subdir

all the branched files are there.

We have had no troubles like this with branching in the past.

Is there anything I'm missing?


Sasha Case
Development Engineer, Clarity EQ Pty Ltd
Tel: +61-2-9905-6277, Fax: +61-2-9905-8066
Public key available at ldap:// (ID: 0xCFADA4B7)

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