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query about cvs...

From: makarand kulkarni
Subject: query about cvs...
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 14:41:33 +0530

1. We are getting following error while adding a file in cvs repository....
cvs [add aborted]: cannot open CVS/GyProductAdmin_GyProductReleaseMgmt_makeLineBufferForGyMoPECMarketableProduct_64597.cpp,t: Invalid argument
When addition of file in CVS repository , filename will be filename,v in cvs but here in addition of file in CVS repository , its showing error related to filename,t . We are not able to understand why it is coming and failing.
We did not get any information about this in the manuel.
2. We are facing following problem while doing checkout of modules file in CVSROOT directory.
cvs checkout: error removing CVS/,,.mcvsstatus: Invalid argument
While doing of modules file from CVSROOT , its seraching of .mcvsstatus in CVS directory ...we are not able to get why it is searching inside CVS directory ???
Can U please give the reasons for getting these type of error messages ???
Waiting for ur reply.
Makarand M Kulkarni
Tata ConSultancy Services

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