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Permission denied while Rebuilding administrative file database

From: Dustin Cavanaugh
Subject: Permission denied while Rebuilding administrative file database
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 14:38:34 -0800

I've run into a problem I couldn't find described in the cvs archives. When committing one of the database files, I get a permission denied:

cvs server: Rebuilding administrative file database
cvs server: cannot remove .#modules: Permission denied
cvs server: cannot rename modules to .#modules: Permission denied

The repository is version 1.11.1p of cvs and is on a Sun box under Solaris 2.7. All files are owned by the user "cvs", group cvs. Developers belong to the group cvs but that's not their primary group. Directory protection is 1777 for all CVSROOT directories. umask for cvs is set in its .login file (though I'm not sure its ever used during a commit) and its 002.

I've noticed that after I commit notify, for instance, all the "database" files are owned by cvs, have modes set to 444, and the ",v" files have modes of 664, but notify is owned by me.

How do I fix this?

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