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RE: Can import remove files?

From: Nicholas Catanchin
Subject: RE: Can import remove files?
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2001 09:30:44 +1000

Thanks Larry.
After I posted I found something that I thought was what I needed:

        cvs co -H 
        -j rev  Merge in changes made between current revision and rev.

So I ran:

        cvs co -jtest_18_12_01 mytest

But it didn't work. Do I need to specify both revisions? I thought that
it would default to the current revision. I have tried it with both
revisions just now and it works great.

OK Hang on... Your suggestion uses the '-r' parameter, not '-j'. Do they
both work the same?
I think I'll go read the cederqvist again. :)

Nicholas Catanchin
Riders Cyclery
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Subject: Re: Can import remove files?

Nicholas Catanchin writes:
> Tracking third-party sources - how can I ensure that files that are 
> removed from the third-party source are removed from my imported copy?

You need to merge the changes.  Given your example, after the second
import, do: 

        cvs co -rtest_18_12_01 -rtest_24_12_01 mytest
        cd mytest
        cvs ci -m'merge changes'

That will allow CVS to detect any removed files and remove them from the
trunk as well.

-Larry Jones

I don't like these stories with morals. -- Calvin

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