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Re: significance of -n option in rtag

From: David Taylor
Subject: Re: significance of -n option in rtag
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 17:14:19 -0800

Sangeetha Parthasarathy wrote:

> Hi,
> could any of you please explain to me the significance of  '-n'  option
> in rtag

"cvs  -H <command> " displays a usage message explaining all the options
of <command>. (To get a list of all CVS help commands: "cvs --help")

For example "cvs -H rtag" displays:

-n      No execution of 'tag program'.

> For example what os the difference between
> cvs rtag VersionNumberOne SManager        and
> cvs rtag -n VersionNumberOne SManager

The first command tags, the second doesn't.


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