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CVS import and file permissions

From: Timur Aydin
Subject: CVS import and file permissions
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2001 10:10:33 -0500


When I import a new project into the CVS repository, both the owner and
group of all files are set to my username. This causes trouble, because when
somebody else wants to check out this project, he gets permission denied
errors. I guess if I manually change the group of all files to "cvs", then
things work again. But I couldn't find any statement in the documentation
that says you have to manually chgrp new projects to "cvs". You do that only
after cvs init...

So, is it necessary to chgrp to "cvs" every new project that I add to the

Timur Aydin
"Behold the power of The Penguin"

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