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Shiftig file from branch to head

From: C. Wienberg
Subject: Shiftig file from branch to head
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 17:40:24 +0100

Hello there,

we are using CVS to version 4 projects with a common codebase. Common
files are stored in the main branch ("head"), while each project has its
specific files put in a branch. Folder structures for head and branch
projects overlap. To get the whole bunch for a project, we are using the
"-f"-option on update (in addition to "-r branchname"), so that files
that are not in the project-specific branch are retrieved from the main
This works all very nice.
Some files have been added on a branch, that were intended to be used in
the subproject only. These have turned out be useful for all projects.
How can we transfer them to the main branch? If we just insert them in
the main CVS project (at same place, with same name), a redundant
version will persist in the branch. If we delete that one, the file will
not be delivered on checkout for that subproject, because the branch
version is recorded dead.
Is there a way to merge the file from the branch? Else: Any dirty tricks
like editing the repository files?


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