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WSAD connectivity

From: Allan . Pomeroy
Subject: WSAD connectivity
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 19:03:09 -0500


I'm trying to set up extssh connectivity between IBM's WebSphere Application
Developer (WSAD) and CVS.  However, my connectivity test (which is activated
by checking "validate location on finish" in the WSAD CVS Repository
Location dialog) always comes back with this error:

        An internal error has occurred.  See error log for more details.

Where is this log file? What might the problem be?

I've tried using IP addresses instead of hostnames in my host name and
.rhosts files, and the cvs repository works fine from the AIX server
(locally).  The /etc/inittab indicates that sshd is auto-started without the
-p option (which would seem to indicate that it runs with the default port,
which is 22).

Any help would be appreciated greatly.


Allan Pomeroy
Portsmouth, NH USA

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