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Win 9x client with RH7.2 server/repository

From: reba_2000
Subject: Win 9x client with RH7.2 server/repository
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2001 21:04:34 -0000
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Hi all...

CVS is up and running and happily importing, checking out, updating 
and committing from the repository local and remote RH boxes. This is 
very good. Thanks to all who responded.

Now I need to have my Win9x clients talking to my repository as well. 
For lack of knowing any better, I downloaded WinCVS 1.2 and installed 
it on my Win98 box to start some testing. I'm having some 
difficulties with the syntax of my CVSROOT using this program. I 
tried what works with my RH boxes
and got the message
cvs [checkout aborted]: CVSROOT address@hidden/usr/cvs 
must be an absolute pathname

sooooooo, I didn't see anything in the FAQ's and I really have no 
idea how to use WinCVS (obviously).

I'm welcome to any other suggestions, as well, I know there are other 
wincvs progs out there to use.

Happy Holidays,

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