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Re: Migrating from CVS to RCS

From: Kaz Kylheku
Subject: Re: Migrating from CVS to RCS
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2001 21:19:33 GMT
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In article <address@hidden>, Sung-taek Lim wrote:
>Thank you Kaz and Larray for your answer.
>I'm also sorry about the fact that the other members of my team decided
>to unify the source management using rcs because none other than I
>was  familiar to cvs.

You should tell your team members that because they are familiar with RCS,
they are in a better position than the average user to learn CVS, not
to mention that there is an excellent migration path for their existing
RCS history files to the CVS repository.  There are tons of users who
learn CVS without the benefit of RCS exposure.

If they are truly familiar with RCS, they should be well aware of its
shortcomings, like poor support for projects that are scattered through
a large directory structure, poor support for treating an opeation on a
set of files as a single operation, poor support (really no support at
all) for branching and merging, no support for distributed use.

If they are *only* familiar with RCS, it's a good opportunity to remove
the blinders and learn something else.

At one time, they were not familiar with RCS, and had to learn it.

There is no rule in life that you must stick with the first thing
that chance throws your way.

Even the fact that you can set up CVS in client/server mode is an
enormous advantage over RCS. If it only did that one extra thing, it
would be worthwhile. Your repository can be anywhere in the world, and
you can access it using a number of transports, including Secure Shell.

Maybe consider putting together some kind of fun demo of CVS,
where you demonstrate the benefits. Show instances of parallel development,
go through a branching and merging scenario, show how multiple clients
access a remote repository and propagate changes to each other, etc.

If people still want to use RCS after that, they are crazy.

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