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Re: Setting up CVS - newbie - help

From: James Knowles
Subject: Re: Setting up CVS - newbie - help
Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2001 13:55:55 -0700

As to logging in, another alternative is to use ssh's auto-login ability.
This may be overkill on a local network, but it works smoothly. We use it
internally to maintain uniformity with the remote CVS servers over the
insecure InterNet. 

There are some tools for migrating VSS->CVS if I recall. I've never done it

I'm still migrating some projects into CVS. I need to do another one now, in
fact. I normally just make sure I have a clean copy of only files to check
in, with directories, etc. and do an "import." Do watch out for binaries,

The real destroyer of the liberties of the people is he who spreads among
them bounties, donations and benefits.
- Plutarch

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