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RE: Way of listing *pathnames* of files in workspace

From: Simo Muinonen
Subject: RE: Way of listing *pathnames* of files in workspace
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 10:10:48 +0200

Andy Glew wrote on cvs-info list:
> This "find ... | xargs ... cvs status ..."  works okay,
> except for the fact that it manages to cause 
> something in the path from cvs on my client,
> via ssh and rsh, to the machine on which cvs server
> is running, to die pretty dependably, hanging for 15-30
> minutes, until something starts it up again.

I assume that in the client/server method inetd gets involved
on that path.  When you call cvs status separately for each filename,
your sudden flood of calls might exceed inetd's threshold for
a suspected denial of service attack, so inetd puts the service offline
for a while to protect the server from the perceived attack.

Best regards,

    Simo Muinonen

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