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RE: Bad files perms

From: GOMEZ Henri
Subject: RE: Bad files perms
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 10:41:48 +0100

>> The problem is that each time a cvs user like bob commit
>> a file or directory, like test in prj1, 
>> the file is bob:bob instead of bob:cvsusers 
>You need to set the SGID bit on all the repository directories (chmod
>g+s).  That causes newly created files and directories to get their
>group ownership from their parent directory rather than from the
>creating process.

Did there is an easy way to propagate the SGID bit to sub-dirs ?


/home/cvsroot/testproj is owned by bob:cvsusers with SGID bit set

linda commit

/home/cvsroot/testproj/ will be owned by linda:cvsusers

now linda create a subdir packa

/home/cvsroot/testproj/packa is owned by linda:linda !

Thanks for your expertise here also :)

BTW: May be there is post-commit hack which could be used ?

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