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CVS Operation

From: Tom Rons
Subject: CVS Operation
Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2002 10:06:53 +0100


I have a few questions regarding CVS operation, for which I didn't find
answers in the documentation.

Say I import a repository that has 2 directories with two files in each, and
I remove one of both directories locally, then I commit the changes.  Will
the directory I removed locally also be gone, and if not, how do I remove
it?  Also if there's a file left in the remaining directory, and I remove it
locally, will that be removed from the cvs repository?

Also, I have just forked off my own seperate development branch of an IRC
daemon, but some major changes have been made.  For instance some files were
removed and some code was moved around.  Will CVS ignore this code and not
apply changes when I try to sync up between both?  It would be handy if I
could easily sync up so I don't have to insert bugfixes manually then commit
them from my computer.

   Thanks in advance

 Tom Rons (address@hidden)

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