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CVS problem

From: Steve Platt
Subject: CVS problem
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 16:43:23 -0000

Hi ! I have a problem accessing a repository with a username I have created.
I have 2 usernames, clasuser01 and nruser01
I also have 2 groups cvs-clas and cvs-nr
I want to use the LockDir option so I have also created a group cvslock, which both users belong to.
My problem is this...
clasuser01 works perfectly he can access repository a, checkout code and commit it back again. I want him to access repository b in order to checkout code, but NOT commit back again. This works! I have given him writs access to the history file in each repository by putting him in the cvslock group. I have also changed the config files in each repository to add the line LockDir=/home/cvs/cvs-locks. As I have said this owrks fine. However, I have attempted to give the same permissions to nruser01, but when I try to do a checkout the system tries to write to a LockDir in the repository and NOT in the LockDir that I want to write to.
Any help would be grateful

Steve Platt
Configuration Manager
RDF Consulting
01273 200150
07808 077538


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