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failed to create lock directory

From: Steve Ebersole
Subject: failed to create lock directory
Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2002 19:07:06 GMT

I have been trying to create anonymous user access to our CVS repository.  I
have performed the following:

1) in the /etc/passwd file on the server, I have added the following line:
cvsanon:!:705:30:Anonymous CVS USer:/u02/cvs:/bin/false
where 30 is the group "cvsadmin" which is the owning group of the cvs
2) in CVSROOT/passwd, I added:
3) I then created a new file CVSROOT/readers and added the line:

However, now when I try to perform a checkout as this "anonymous" user, cvs
is unable to lock CERTAIN directories.  For example, It was able to check
out code from a directory .../models, but not from .../models/handlers even
though ownership and permissions are exactly the same on both directories.

I searched the mailing list archives for this issue, but most assumed this
was a file-system level write-permission issue.  I don't see how this can be
a problem with the file system permissions iin this scenario (the repository
"/u02/cvs" and all of its subdirectories are owned by the user cvsadmin who
is a member of the same cvsadmin group to which the cvsanon user belongs.

Has anyone run into this error before?  What is the solution?

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