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New to CVS Need help setting up repo

From: stacy . j . lyons
Subject: New to CVS Need help setting up repo
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 10:49:08 -0500

I have set up a test area and have been playing around with creating
repositories.  I successfully set up a single subdir containing source code
but I am
trying to set up a repository containing multiple subdirectories with
source code in them.  My dir structure is as follows and I initiated the
following commands.

/cpas/stacy/cvs/incmar01/pub       (Both pub and src contain source code)


$cvs -d /cpas/stacy/cvs/incmar01/ init
(This gives me CVSROOT)
$cvs import -m "init" inc stacy start
(Here is where I get problems.  The following scrolls on the screen until I
stop it)

N inc/inc/inc/inc/inc/inc/src/,v,v,v,v,v

When I successfully did this before I cd'ed to the pub dir and did the
import.  This worked but I don't want to have multiple repositories for
each individual subdir.  How do I place multiple subdirs with source code
into the repository???

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