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Installation on Linux and accessing WINCVS from W2K

From: mw_in_bru
Subject: Installation on Linux and accessing WINCVS from W2K
Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 20:55:30 -0000
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Can you help? I am a CVS newbie.

I have installed CVS on Linux RED HAT7.1 using Xinetd (on port 2401). 
For the client I am using Wincvs1.2 on W2K.

When I try to start a process on the Linux box I receive error "CVS 
exited with error code 0"

Reading the Xinetd log produced: there is a message 
(paraphrasing): "starting unix process and then this immediately 

I would appreciate any help, steers, pointers to previous posts that 
can be given. I apologise in advance if there is a similar post. I 
have tried the search to find anything but am new to this group and 
do not yet understand the terminology.

Grateful for any help
Mike Wood

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