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Re: Cvswrappers & "-W"

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: Cvswrappers & "-W"
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2002 14:52:49 -0500 (EST)

Nicholas Catanchin writes:
> Could somebody just confirm for me the order in which CVS reads and
> organises the wrappers? What I'm interested in specifically is the
> entries in the $cvsroot\cvswrappers file and the wrappers specified on
> the command line of an import.
> About 2 weeks ago I could have sworn that wrappers on the command line
> were overwriting all other wrappers. Now, all of a sudden, it seems as
> if wrappers in the cvswrappers file in the repository are taking over.

The wrappers are organized sequentially: first the ones from the
repository, then the ones from your home directory, then the one
(singular) from the $CVSWRAPPERS environment variable, then the ones
from the command line, then the ones from the directory being imported. 
The first matching entry is the one used, so wrappers in the repository
do take precedence over ones specified on the command line.

Things are a bit more complicated in the case of client/server, because
both the client and the server do wrapper processing.  Basically, the
client reads the ones from your home directory, the environment
variable, and the command line and sends them all to the server as
command line options.  The server then follows the above process.

All released versions of CVS have a bug in client/server mode in that
the client doesn't send a wrapper entry to the server unless it
specifies some non-default option.  (This is fixed in the current
development version.)

-Larry Jones

I sure wish I could get my hands on some REAL dynamite. -- Calvin

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