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Correct behaviour of status command?

From: Donald Sharp
Subject: Correct behaviour of status command?
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2002 16:45:17 -0500
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In the file MINOR-BUGS there is this entry:

* "cvs status" has a difference in its output between local and
  client/server mode.  Namely there's a tab character followed by a
  ctime(3)-style date string at the end of the "Working revision:"

Looking at the status command it's not apparent what date/time
should be displayed here( if at all ).

In local mode the date/time stamp that is output is the same
as what the CVS/Entries file has for the date time stamp.
The CVS/Entries time date stamp is different depending
on whether or not you have updated or checked out the file.
On original checkout the time date stamp placed into the 
CVS/Entries file is the time/date stamp that was the time/date of
the last commit into the repository for that file.  On
update the CVS/Entries file time/date stamp is updated
to the time/date of the update when the user runs the update.

In server mode no date/time stamp is output, this is because
there is no way the cvs server can look at the CVS/Entries
file that is local to the client machine.

Would it be apropriate to just modify the cvs status command
to not output a date time string?


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