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RE: reverting changes

From: Beachey, Kendric
Subject: RE: reverting changes
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002 16:33:03 -0600

Arcin Bozkurt writes:
> The latest change to our repository was to commit some tens 
> of files which 
> caused the code to break. I am trying to get back to the 
> state a day ago and 
> commit it back to the repository effectively overriding the 
> change made 
> (obviously this development had to be done on a branch but.... )
> I cannot use update -D yesterday, because the result is 
> sticky. removing the 
> stickiness with -A takes me back to what the repository has.

Just do your "update -D yesterday" with the -p option, which merely prints
the yesterday file to stdout and does not cause stickiness.  Redirect stdout
to the desired filename, and presto, you have a backdated, yet non-sticky,
copy of the file.  You can commit this file to the repository, which will
make it the new HEAD version.


cvs up -p -D yesterday myfile.c > myfile.c
cvs commit -m "Backdated to earlier version" myfile.c

You can multiply this effect over your tens of files by the use of some only
slightly clever shell scripting.
Kendric Beachey

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