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Re: CVS Root Merge

From: Dave
Subject: Re: CVS Root Merge
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 02:29:27 GMT
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Pierre Asselin <address@hidden> wrote on 2/9/2002 6:50 PM:

> Dave <address@hidden> writes:
>> We distribute our source to a remote location that does not have a network
>> connection to our main CVS repository host. We tar the CVS root on tape and
>> extract it on the remote host.
> Strange.  Does the remote site have to see the detailed revision
> history?  If not, I would just use cvs export to send them tarballs
> of tagged releases.  They can import the tarballs into their own
> independent CVS repository.  They can send you patches when they
> make significant changes, and they can reimport and merge when you
> make significant changes.

Thanks, I will ship an export and have them send patches back to the main

Not sure on the reimport and merge idea. Can someone elaborate on this?

> In other words, you pretend they are a privileged customer, they
> pretend you are a responsive vendor.

All my customers are privileged. I just hope they think we are responsive.

>> The problem is we need a way to capture the changes made during the
>> installation in our main CVS root.
> Your distribution method is unconventional, but they can still
> generate patches and send them to you.
> If you want tighter integration of the two sites, you're going to need
> some sort of network...
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> Westminster, Colorado
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