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Re: Running CVS updates via CGI

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: Running CVS updates via CGI
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 16:46:45 -0500 (EST)

Tim Lieberman writes:
> For some time I've been trying to write a little Perl script on
> win32 to run "cvs update" in a particular directory (which is
> an under-development web site).  I'm just using a system(@args)
> call in Perl to run the update.
> CVS invariably replies that "could not find out home directory".

CVS needs to know where your home directory is to find things like
~/.cvspass, ~/.cvsrc, ~/.cvsignore, etc.  All you need to do is to set
the $HOME environment variable (or $HOMEDRIVE and $HOMEPATH if you're on

-Larry Jones

Start tying the sheets together.  We'll go out the window. -- Calvin

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