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Hierarchical team integration in CVS

From: Earl Williams
Subject: Hierarchical team integration in CVS
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 01:25:27 GMT

Hello all,

I'm hoping someone can help me with a seemingly basic CVS question that I've
not been able to figure out after extensive web research. In a nutshell, how
do hierarchically related teams structure their code into a repository's

For example, the following packages contain the source code for app Foo,
written by company Whee:                        (contains the project's main

Team A is responsible only for the internals package, and has written a
harness project to help them test their classes in isolation.  Team B is
responsible for all other classes in the app, and has written stub classes
to stand in for Team A's work.  Both teams use the classes in the two
utilities packages.

How should these teams use CVS?  A single module called "source" seems to be
the approach in the CVS documentation I've read.  However, this approach
seems not to accommodate the desire of Team A to to keep their stubs in the
"internals" package.  Also, Team B doesn't want to checkout the whole module
because then they would get lots of classes they don't care about (like the
toplevelgui classes); so does this mean they have to do a separate update
operation from three different folders in their local sandbox
(,,  Or should the project use multiple modules, so
both Teams A and B would have to do multiple update operations from
different folders?

Surely I'm unclear on something basic here.  Thanks very much for any help.

-Earl Williams

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