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RE: CVS errors: "Unknown error 523"

From: Vinh Cao
Subject: RE: CVS errors: "Unknown error 523"
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 11:32:26 -0500

Hi Larry,

Sorry I forgot to include all OS platform. No, We are running all Red hat
Linux client.

These server are for xterm windows. Which mean that engineers are using
exceeds to these
server and do their vi, xemacs and cvs check out and do build. we have Linux
cross compiler to
work with all Linux server.

I just wonder why cvs works for a while with no "523 errors" at check out or
update and then it reappear.

Thanks for any help I can get out there.

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Subject: Re: CVS errors: "Unknown error 523"

Vinh Cao writes:
> Does anyone know this error: "Unknown error 523"? when our engineers do:

You need to find out what error 523 is on the platform where this error
occurs (probably the client, and my guess would be that it's Windows).

-Larry Jones

Talk about someone easy to exploit! -- Calvin

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