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Using Symbolic links with CVS

From: Paddy T
Subject: Using Symbolic links with CVS
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 13:53:21 -0800 (PST)

I am researching on creating symbolic links in cvs and
having searched the cvs-info archives,found 2
solutions suggested.
Method 1:Have 2 files in cvs.1 file will have the list
of files and the sym link name.The 2nd file is a
script that will create the links.
My question is how can I run this script at check out
time?Is there any option for this?Will this method
work without any problems?

Method 2:Create your modules entry to run a script
during checkout to create the links.The drawback is
that the modules database is not versioned, so errors
will creep in if you try to re-create an old version.
Hopefully the rename database will address these
issues, and provide a way to create objects in
checked-out directories that are not regular files.

In this,again there is the mention of "run a script
during checkout to create the links." How?
And what does the modules database mean?The modules
file is under version control,right?What does rename
database mean?I didn't find these terms anywhere.
Can someone explain what this 2nd method of dealing
with sym links is about and point out any

Thanks very much in advance,
Paddy Thomas

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