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Re: Hierarchical team integration in CVS

From: Pierre Asselin
Subject: Re: Hierarchical team integration in CVS
Date: 12 Feb 2002 21:32:44 -0600

"Earl Williams" <address@hidden> writes:

>Team A is responsible only for the internals package, and has written a
>harness project to help them test their classes in isolation.  Team B is
>responsible for all other classes in the app, and has written stub classes
>to stand in for Team A's work.  Both teams use the classes in the two
>utilities packages.

>How should these teams use CVS?

Adapt your tree structure.  Do *not* mix files from teams A and B in a
single directory, CVS won't handle that well.

The modules file can package things nicely for you, if you can live
with the resulting sandbox structure.

    _utils      -d utils path/to/utilities
    _team_A     -d A path/to/team/A/files
    _team_B     -d B path/to/team/B/files

These aren't meant to be checked out.  If you did check out module
"_team_A", you would get team A's tree under a top-level directory
called "A" (from the -d option).  It wouldn't do you any good because
the shared utilities aren't there.

Next, create wrapper modules for each team.

    Team_A      &_team_A &_utils
    Team_B      &_team_B &_utils

If you check out "Team_A", you'll get a tree like this:

            (the shared utilities tree)
            (team A's subtree)

and similarly for "Team_B".  These are complete trees, useable by the
teams, if they can stomach the layout.  Lean on them.

You'll also need to check out the joint project, so create a module
for that:

    Full        path/to/glue &_team_A &team_B &_utils

A checked-out sandbox would look like this:

        (glue files)
            (the shared utilities)
            (team A's subtree)
            (team B's subtree)

The "glue files" could include a top-level Makefile that knows what to
do with the subtrees, plus a README or two.  It could even be a big
sutbree in its own right.  Put in whatever you need to integrate the
two subprojects.

Pierre Asselin
Westminster, Colorado

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