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RE: Hierarchical team integration in CVS

From: Glew, Andy
Subject: RE: Hierarchical team integration in CVS
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 14:01:05 -0800

> > Adapt your tree structure.  Do *not* mix files from teams A 
> > and B in a single directory, CVS won't handle that well.
> Hi Pierre,
> Thanks very much for your detailed suggestions.  It seems 
> that in order to
> use CVS, the directory structure of my project must be driven 
> by short-term,
> division-of-labor-during-development concerns (Team A, Team B, Shared)
> rather than by the conceptual structure of the classes in my 
> project.  Too
> bad.  I guess I need to learn more about Software 
> Configuration Management.

What you say is, unfortunately, true.

CVS does not handle mixing of files within the same directory.

However, some folks take "conceptual structure" to an extreme,
and create a separate directory for each class (conceptual object),
with all of the file cruft for that class: .h files, .c or .cc files,
as well as the tests for that class. (You *do* write unit tests,
don't you?)

CVS does a pretty good job of allowing sharing at directory
granularity, so you arrive at your goal.

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