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From: David Hoover
Date: 13 Feb 2002 15:38:37 -0800

> I'm also interested in unsubscribing. First it is not clear how to do this 
> from the URL pointed to at the end of the e-mail. But also to unsubscribe I 
> need my password which I have forgotten. It is apparently is mailed to me 
> once a month. I think I must have missed getting it. Does anyone know what 
> the subject line is on such a mail - or who it looks like it comes from?

Okay, this isn't rocket science:

Then down at the bottom where it says "To change your subscription (set
options like digest and delivery modes, get a reminder of your password,
or unsubscribe from Info-cvs), enter your subscription email address:"
(note: it says unsubscribe), you enter your subscription email address.

Then, for anyone who's forgotten their password, note the large letters
"Forgotten Your Password?" Then "Click this button to have your password
emailed to your list delivery address." and the actual button right
there "Email My Password To Me"

You guessed it; you click that button, and it will email your password
to you.

Then on that page there's the "Unsubscribing from Info-cvs" "To
unsubscribe, enter your password and hit the button. (If you've lost
your password, see just below to have it emailed to you.)" So even if
the big letters didn't attract your attention, the smaller ones there in
the directions should.

So now that you've gotten your password emailed to you, you put it in
that little box ("Password:") and click the button ("Unsubscribe")

And voila.

The text is all right there in front of you, and you're just wasting a
lot of people's time to read your message and quote the page that's
sitting on your screen.

Perhaps you should file a bug with mailman and request that they add a
big blinking "UNSUBSCRIBE" animated gif to attract people's attention,
since reading is too difficult.

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