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From: stacy . j . lyons
Subject: Tagging
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 10:21:24 -0500

Question:  My production system is set to be released/baselined at the
annual level.  However, changes after the annual release are frequent.
Some of these changes are minor(cosmetic) but some may require deletion or
addition of code or even whole re-writes of code.  Am I correct in thinking
that I should have the developers use tags for minor changes(excluding
cosmetic changes) and then use rtag for my release version?  This scares
me..typically the way we have done things in the past was to have multiple
copies for each year(i.e.  dir for 2000, dir for 2001,etc).  Should I just
set up a main repo and rtag it for each year instead of having creating
multiple repos for every year?

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