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Re: Automatting cvs retrieval using Windows NT/2000 "at" command

From: Gianni Mariani
Subject: Re: Automatting cvs retrieval using Windows NT/2000 "at" command
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 09:03:30 -0800
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It's looking for .cvspass !


Michael Stopper wrote:

A search of existing threads didn't reveal anything useful on this so here
we go:

I've got my build process completely automated via Ant (including checkout,
tagging, etc.) and can kick that off at will from a command prompt on
NT/2000. However, if I put the call to start ant in a batch file and have
the "at" scheduler kick it off, I get the following back from cvs on the

cvs [checkout aborted]: could not find out home directory

Which home directory is it looking for and why doesn't it need it when the
batch file is running normally under "DOS"??

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Michael Stopper
Senior Principal / SPS Technical Architect
American Management Systems, Inc.
4114 Legato Road
Fairfax, Virginia  22033
703.227.6646 Office
703.227.4696 FAX

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