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Re: using head revision in branch after add on branch

From: C. Wienberg
Subject: Re: using head revision in branch after add on branch
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 17:34:43 +0100

Hello David,

> > I just want to check in different files, that are
> > in a common _folder_, into different repositories!
> Nope; not in CVS.  It would take a major redesign of CVS to make
> this possible.

Well, it became obvious quite soon, that CVS will not do it
without some tricks.

> > Also, I do not think that what we do is an abuse of the
> > branch concept, or that my request is perverted ;-).
> I wouldn't call the desire perverted, but CVS alone isn't going to
> do what you want, and probably never will.  This is unfortunate, since
> the easiest way to test things is often to change them in the working
> directory rather than to change them elsewhere and run make/ANT/whatever,
> but it is a characteristic of CVS.

What I tried to bring across: The idea of using branches in such a
might make it easier!

> All files managed by CVS that are checked out into one directory
> must be in the same directory in the same repository.  If you don't
> like this, your choices are basically:
> There is no guarantee that any of these options are attractive,
> but I don't see any alternatives.

Thanks for your hints!

Kind Regards,

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