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Line feeds and uncooperative clients.

From: Derek Pomery
Subject: Line feeds and uncooperative clients.
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 13:12:58 -0500
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We have been using Forte for Java development, which uses CVS for version control. Previously, the windows client would use an external binary (defaulted to Cygwin).
Recently, however, they included their own.

Also recently, I have been noticing an increasing number of files in CVS with extra blank lines. Once I caught the Forte client in the act. It seems that the file (which had been last edited in forte) had gotten checked onto the server in DOS format. Forte, however, when checking it out, seems to have converted the extra CRs into LFs. As a result, the number of blank lines in the file kept growing. Even worse, occasionally Forte would check in the file completely stripped of newlines. The Forte mailing list was less than helpful and claimed this could be expected of trying to do CVS across platforms. I am certain the built-in CVS client is at fault but I could not find an option to make certain it was converting to unix format before checking in, and in any case, a number of clients could be used, and it doesn't seem reasonable to have file integrity be all purely client side.

I realise I can add a script that blocks checking of files in DOS format, but I wanted something more. Is there a place to add a trigger on checkin convert all files tagged as text to unix format before adding the revision? Also, can I get away with running a script across the repository to try and eliminate extra newlines and DOS format text files? Is there anything it would break right away?

Just wanted peoples opinion before I do something extreme, desperate, n stupid like arbitrarily rewriting bits of cvs or slapping a wrapper around it in the pserver.

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