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Re: Oops.

From: Derek Pomery
Subject: Re: Oops.
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 23:16:12 GMT

> > Alternatively, if there is an option to turn on to enforce unix text file
> > formatting, that would work too.

> No.  The CVS client/server protocol makes it clear that it is the
> >client's< responsibility to get the line endings right.

It's a pity that the clients seem to be rather casual about that 
There are quite a few possible formats for text files out there, but 
still, you'd think it'd be easier
to keep a list on the server and eliminate that disparity between 

I guess the only solution for me will be to dig up that old -f/-t code 
and see how difficult it'll be to add it back in to our version of CVS, 
or add a very tiny section that operates on the temporary file before the 
test scripts are run, modifies it as needed.
(at least, I *think* CVS saves checkins in temporary files first, I'll 
have to look)

Ah well, thanks for the info, in any case.

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