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Re: Oops.

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: Oops.
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 00:42:59 -0500 (EST)

Derek Pomery writes:
> > No.  The CVS client/server protocol makes it clear that it is the
> > >client's< responsibility to get the line endings right.
> It's a pity that the clients seem to be rather casual about that 
> responsibility.

The standard client takes it quite seriously.

> There are quite a few possible formats for text files out there, but 
> still, you'd think it'd be easier
> to keep a list on the server and eliminate that disparity between 
> clients.

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamed of
in all of your philosophy."  Only the client, running on the client
machine, has any hope of knowing what the text file format is on that
machine.  How is the server supposed to deal with record structured
files?  Partitioned data sets?  How is the client even supposed to send
them to the server?

> I guess the only solution for me will be to dig up that old -f/-t code 
> and see how difficult it'll be to add it back in to our version of CVS, 

The code is still in the source files, it's just #ifdef'ed out.

-Larry Jones

Honey, are we out of aspirin again? -- Calvin's Dad

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