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Line ending confusion

From: wadesworld
Subject: Line ending confusion
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 08:59:15 -0600

I'm a bit confused on line endings and CVS.

I *thought* what was supposed to happen is that files were to be stored in the repository with LF-only, unless they were identified as binary in CVSROOT/cvswrappers. (The repository is on Unix) When clients check out a file, the line endings on a text file should be converted to the platform's native format in the working copy.

Is that the correct behavior?

However, it appears files were stored in my repository with CR/LF. This means that when the files are checked out on a DOS platform, you get CR/CR/LF.

The files were imported from a directory on the same system on the repository, but they had CR/LF endings since they came from a DOS system. Aha.....would that mean that CVS did not line ending conversion because a client was not being used and it assumed that the files had the native LF-only line endings?

If my theory is correct, I believe I can correct it by changing the files to Unix line endings on my Unix client and committing the files again, no?

Any thoughts appreciated.


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