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Re: Converting ClearCase to CVS

From: Noel Yap
Subject: Re: Converting ClearCase to CVS
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 07:45:24 -0800 (PST)

--- Paul Sander <address@hidden> wrote:
> We were using CVS in the way that it was designed,
> but the robustness
> of the implementation gave us more grief than I care
> to remember.  My
> argument has become somewhat weaker now because CVS'
> quality of
> implementation has improved substantially over the
> years.  But despite
> those improvements, it still has a long way to go
> before it would
> become something that I would recommend for large
> development efforts
> where many people are constantly pounding on it.

One of the most current arenas where CVS is not an
ideal tool is Java development since refactoring
causes renaming and moving of files.

> I'm still using CVS.  It runs on the machines I have
> at home and works
> great for my toy projects.  It's well suited to that
> application and
> the stakes are pretty low if something gets messed
> up.  It's the ideal
> application for which I would recommend anyone use
> the tool.

Well, I've used it in geographically disperse teams of
up to five users.  I certainly wouldn't use it where
ClearCase is the appropriate tool as I'm sure you
would agree.


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