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CVS Abort while checking out

From: Datla, Raghav
Subject: CVS Abort while checking out
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 11:50:54 -0500

   I am getting the following error while checking out code. Any help will
be appreciated.

$ cvs -d :pserver:address@hidden:/f1s7_16267/tools/Techs-Ops/cvsroot
co -d spnode7_idw Idw/data/macss

cvs checkout: in directory spnode7_idw:

cvs checkout: cannot open CVS/Entries for reading: No such file or directory

cvs server: Updating spnode7_idw

cvs server: Updating spnode7_idw/bin

U spnode7_idw/bin/

U spnode7_idw/bin/

U spnode7_idw/bin/comments_test.SQL

U spnode7_idw/bin/contract_test.sql

U spnode7_idw/bin/discount_test.SQL

U spnode7_idw/bin/macss_idw_extract.csh

U spnode7_idw/bin/macss_idw_extract_full.csh

U spnode7_idw/bin/macss_idw_extract_incremental.csh

U spnode7_idw/bin/

U spnode7_idw/bin/

U spnode7_idw/bin/

cvs server: Updating spnode7_idw/data

cvs server: Updating spnode7_idw/data/full

U spnode7_idw/data/full/client.dat

U spnode7_idw/data/full/comments.dat

U spnode7_idw/data/full/comments_concat.dat

U spnode7_idw/data/full/credit.dat

U spnode7_idw/data/full/discount.dat

U spnode7_idw/data/full/employee.dat

U spnode7_idw/data/full/feedback.dat

U spnode7_idw/data/full/firm_token.dat

cvs [server aborted]: out of memory; can not reallocate 79691776 bytes


Thanks inadvance,

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