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CVS Update Behaviour

From: Colm Murphy
Subject: CVS Update Behaviour
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 11:06:28 +0000
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Hi folks,

In our development flow we frequently have the situation where a developer is only using a small number of the files in a given directory. This is setup by defining a module to contain only certain files.

All is fine until the developer does an cvs update.
The current behaviour is that all existing files are updated (which is fine) but all other files in the directory are checked out. This is more of an annyoance than anything else, but it can easily lead to tagging files which aren't part of the module you are working on.
(if you use cvs tag).

What I would propose is the following update behaviour:

(1) Update only the existing files in existing directories.

(2) Update all existing files and checkout non-existing files (current behaviour)

(3) Update all existing files, checkout non-existing files and directories (current update -d behaviour)

Any opinions ?

Colm A

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