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taginfo script command line arguments

From: Schlitz
Subject: taginfo script command line arguments
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 15:33:06 GMT

I am using the taginfo file to identify a script to run when anyone tags a
file in the repository.
Arguments passed to this script should be:
1)     CVS User Name of person attempting tag   (this is specified in the
taginfo file)
2)     name of tag being applied
3)     operation ('add' for tag, 'mov' for tag -F, 'del' for tag-d)
4)     repository
5..n)  list of file revision [file revision ...]

When I tag multiple files at once, this works great.  I get the list of
files and revisions as the last arguments....
However, when I tag only one file, no file revision information is passed

How can I get the name and revision of the file being tagged in this case?


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