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Re: How to access a Unix server through ssh in WinCvs?

From: Rene Berber
Subject: Re: How to access a Unix server through ssh in WinCvs?
Date: 21 Feb 2002 08:01:47 -0800

address@hidden (chenna) wrote in message news:<address@hidden>...

> I checked CVS is working on Server very well and WinCVS is working on
> Client very well.
> Now i have connect to CVS from WinCVS thru SSH............
> When i am doing checkout it is going to infinite loop (i.e the file
> never checkout.........).
> I set the following setting to connect CVS from WinCVS thru SSH
> I opend WinCVS preferences and entered the following detials.
> Enter the CVSROOT:
>                       address@hidden:/usr/local/tomcat/webapps/cvswork (where
> gonehome is username and CVSROOT is usr/local/tomcat/webapps/cvswork )
> Authentication:
>                       SSH server
> In Ports
>               I checked check for an alternate server name : ssh
> Now when i am doing checkout it is going to infinite
> loop...............
> Thanks for your help....................

What version of cvs, ssh, and WinCVS are you using?

I'm using Cygwin's ssh (ver. OpenSSH_3.0.2p1), WinCVS (ver.
beta 6) which uses it's own cvs (and it can't use other version of
cvs), and also have Cygwin's cvs for use in a terminal (useful for
testing).  It works very well with settings close to what you
describe, I don't have a "Port" option, but perhaps you refer to the
"Settings..." set of options, where I have set the complete path to

To make things work you may have to test each part by itself.

First test ssh, you should be able to login to your server without
having to type a password (or ssh's key passphrase).  WinCVS doesn't
expect you to use a password, and if one is needed, the prompt comes
out in a minimized terminal which is easy to miss (and WinCVS will
seem like it's doing nothing, like the infinite loop you describe.)

Hope this helps.
R. Berber

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