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Should I Branch Modules / Files or the Main Line?

From: Duncan
Subject: Should I Branch Modules / Files or the Main Line?
Date: 21 Feb 2002 08:32:05 -0800

Hello all,

Here is a workflow / best practices question.  Given a development
main-line (production is a branch) with lots of small groups of people
adding / modifying sections, is it a better practice for said groups

1) Branch the whole main line and modify their small collection of
files, eventually merging that whole branch (with 99% UNmodified
files) into the main line.


2) Branch just the individual files / selections to be modified, say
some source code, some html, using the same branch name for these
files and then merge this branch (with 99% modified files) into the
main line.

I wonder how this is best done in practice.  Branching the entire main
line seems to make sense, update your branch against the main line
prior to merging back to avoid issues with main line changes made in
the mean time, the only drawback would seem that from an
administrative view, you've tagged tons of files that aren't really
representative of a change.  On the other hand, branching individual
files seems to be a bit of a hassle if your project involves files
found in many different modules.

Any thoughts?


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