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Re: ANN: cvssh - secure ext-to-pserver bridge

From: David A. Desrosiers
Subject: Re: ANN: cvssh - secure ext-to-pserver bridge
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 19:06:19 GMT
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> I would suggest you and your users just learn to use SSH and forget
> about trying to implement any security software yourself.  If you
> already have real unix user-ids for every real user then you're most of
> the way to making it work properly -- why not go all the way?

        I'm intrigued. If you feel so strongly about eradicating 
pserver, then help those who wish to understand why. Have you written
a HOWTO that explains how to set up read-only anonymous ssh access as
well as authenticated ssh access without providing shells to those 
authenticated users, and without having to create valid user accounts
on the server to handle them? What about the proper permissions 
necessary as well as groups and ownership of the various control 
files that CVS relies on? 

        Where might I find your informative writeup on this?

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