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Re: refactoring when using CVS

From: Mark A. Flacy
Subject: Re: refactoring when using CVS
Date: 21 Feb 2002 13:51:54 -0600
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>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Sander <address@hidden> writes:
Paul> Unfortunately, if this is what your build procedure consists of, 

Don't be silly.  We have our own make tool (written in Java in fact) that
enforces various packaging layers during designer compilation and

Paul> then you lose traceability between your sources and shippables, and
Paul> you can't assess the impact of any change you make to your source
Paul> code.  That makes it really really hard to accomplish the common task
Paul> of shipping minimal patches when bugs are found in the product.

I believe that you would be insane to handle Java source in the fashion
described in my previous posting.  My point was, however, that the language
does not *force* you to keep the source in some sort of coherent order so
that it's incorrect for people (including me) to claim that it does.

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