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RE: Tagging a branch for a given date

From: Christopher Randall
Subject: RE: Tagging a branch for a given date
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 16:09:31 -0800

Yep, I'm a geek newbie, thanks for the simple advice!

Any idea why the -r and -D options for rtag are mutually exclusive? It seems to 
me that it would be a useful feature for the rtag command.

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From: Eric Siegerman [mailto:address@hidden
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Subject: Re: Tagging a branch for a given date

On Fri, Feb 22, 2002 at 02:31:04PM -0800, Christopher Randall wrote:
> I am having a problem with tagging a project in my CVS
> repository that has been branched with a given date. I am
> trying to do the following:
> [previous attempt deleted]
> cvs checkout -D "2002-02-15 17:46 PST" -r Whitney_maintenance_branch whitney
> This works just fine, but then when I try to use the "tag"
> command as follows, the MOST RECENT VERSIONS of the files on
> the branch are tagged, not the versions of the files THAT ARE
> cvs tag -r Whitney_maintenance_branch TPAS_1_1_1

The "-r Whitney_maintenance_branch" on the "cvs tag" line
explicitly says to tag each file's latest revision on the branch.

Having got the right revisions into your sandbox via the initial
checkout, you should be able to simply say:
        cvs tag TPAS_1_1_1


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