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Re: cvs problem with modules, please help!

From: Eugene Katzman
Subject: Re: cvs problem with modules, please help!
Date: 25 Feb 2002 07:19:47 -0800

address@hidden (Sergey Malov) wrote in message news:<address@hidden>...
> I found the following addition to the CVS's "modules" file doesn't
> work as it suppose, according to some posts whcih I've seen in this
> group
> foo -d . proj1/subproj1
> where $CVSROOT/proj1/subproj1/ does exists.
> When I'm trying to checkout, I'm getting message:
> "cvs server: existing repository /home/users/cvs/CVSROOT doesn't match
> /home/users/cvs/CVSROOT/proj1/subproj1
> cvs server: ignoring module foo"
> I'm  sure that /home/users/cvs/CVSROOT/proj1/subproj1 does exists with
> the forementioned file. I'm sure that CVSROOT points to correct place
> and work for other modules.
> I'm not going to use the above mentioned line by itself, it's part of
> building
> some complex module.
> I use cvs 1.9.28 on Solaris 8.
> I would greatly appreciate any help, because I'm stuck.
> Thanks,

> Sergey Malov

Have you checked out the directory structure, ie Subproj1 with its
accompanying directories.  Is there a CVSROOT directory in the
repository and does it have the files which would have been created
when an init command was performed.

The files that should be there include checkoutlist, commitinfo,
cvswrappers, editinfo, history, loginfo and other files.

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