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questions on CVS, WinCVS

From: Leonid Krutyansky
Subject: questions on CVS, WinCVS
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 21:06:40 +0300

I'm starting using CVS and would be highly appreciated if somebody
could answer the following questions:

1. I need to lock some (not all) files from editing by other users.
I have WinCVS 1.2 client , CVSNT server and run pserver protocol.
I see that the server is not supporting "admin -l" and suggests "edit -c" 
instead, but it looks like "edit-c" and "commit -c" are not supported by the 
client! At least I get the messages about it when try to fulfill "edit -c" from 
 the WinCVS command line . From the DOS prompt cvs.exe accepts "-c" options, 
but frankly speaking I can't see the effect - it looks like nothing prevents 
commits from other users after it?
How in the end of all can I do locking? Shall I install the previous version of 
server (1.10)? This sounds a little stupid, doesn't it?
2. How can I have really secure connection with CVS server through Internet. Am 
I right that Kerberos is not working with WinCVS client ? What about security 
with ntserver protocol, and what is VPN?
3. When notifying the users through e-mail (file "notify") does CVS use a kind 
of its own mail service or just seeking for the external "mail" command or 




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