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CVS newbie seeks advice on tag management

From: Doug Poland
Subject: CVS newbie seeks advice on tag management
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 16:36:55 -0600
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I'm very familiar with RCS but new to CVS.  After searching 
through the docs and mail archives, I'm at a loss as how to
best use CVS in the following scenario.  

I'm managing a SQL Server application through the use of
.sql script files.  I work in "batches" or "releases" as
dictated by client needs.  For example, I may have the 
following files for my "Live-01" release:


Some weeks later, I have more to do on the project and
it turns out that I need the following scripts (Let's call
it Live-02):


I want to save all my scripts in a single repository, say
Acme-sql.  After I've run the Live-01 code at the client,
I won't need the files in Live-01 anymore.  However, I want
be able to access them so I can cut/paste code between the
two releases. 

So basically I want the release I'm calling Live-01 to 
contain only those files listed.  I want the release Live-02
to contain only the new files.  As stated earlier, I still
want to pull out Live-01 from the repository.  

Can someone point me to a FAQ or doc that deals with management
strategies?  Or, outline the steps (tag this branch, remove those
files, etc) I should take.  Please note that I'm a newbie with
CVS and my use of the terms "tag" and "release" might be erroneous.

Many thanks for your help.


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