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Questions on branches

From: Jens Vonderheide
Subject: Questions on branches
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 13:24:14 +0100


I am currently working on a problem managed in CVS which will take a long
time to complete. About once a month, I do a release.
This is organized in CVS like this:
- I always have a development and a release version
- The development version corresponds to the main trunk, the release version
is branched.

Every time, I prepare a new release, I first tag, then branch from the main
trunk. Any bugfixes will be made on this branch, while development continous
on the main trunk.

Whenever I do a bugfix, I commit the release branch, merge it into the main
trunk and tag the branch (to avoid merging the same changes multiple times).

This system works quite well, although I have a few questions I could not
answer myself:

1) It is possible to use an additional tag for the production branch that
always points to the current one? This way, I could keep all development
systems up-to-date on the production release by simply keeping this tag
checked out.

2) When I add a file on the production branch, I must also copy the file
over to the development sandbox. Otherwise, it will not be added when

3) I noticed that some files on the main trunk don't get updated when I do a
merge with the production branch. Might this problem be somewhere connected
with the "merge tag" I update after each merge? Is this tagging the correct
way to handle multiple merges (I seem to recall having read this in some
book or other...).

Thanks for your attendance,


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